New Home for the IPIP-NEO
(International Personality Item Pool
Representation of the NEO PI-Rô)

The original web-based version of the IPIP-NEO was hosted on Penn State's web server between September 1, 1998 and July 28, 2023, when Penn State retired the PASS storage space for faculty web pages. During those 25 years, over a million people have completed both the 300-item and 120-item versions of the IPIP-NEO. Because the original Penn State site for the IPIP-NEO is no longer available, Dr. Johnson is moving the IPIP-NEO to his own space on Virtual Avenue.

The plan is to provide revised versions of both the 300-item and 120-item IPIP-NEO inventories in which individuals are no longer restricted to comparing their scores to their identified sex and age groups. Rather, respondents will be able to choose to compare themselves to everyone who has completed the IPIP-NEO (that is, to a sample of over a million persons) or to any subsample (male or female of any age group and nationality). When sufficient data are collected, respondents will be able to compare themselves to identified genders other than male and female.

Penn State's abrupt discontinuation of PASS did not allow enough time for these planned revisions to the IPIP-NEO. Therefore, as of July 28, 2023, only the original 300-item and 120-item versions of the IPIP-NEO are available on Virtual Avenue. It will probably be many weeks before the revised IPIP-NEO inventories with more norm options are available. When these revised IPIP-NEO inventories are available, that will be reflected on this page.

The original IPIP-NEO (IPIP-NEO-300)

The abbreviated version of the IPIP-NEO (IPIP-NEO-120)

John A. Johnson

July 27, 2023