IPIP-NEO Personality Inventory, 300-item Version

This on-line personality inventory is not optimized for tablets or phones. A device with a full-sized screen is not necessary, but recommended.

When you finish the inventory and your narrative report is displayed, YOU are responsible for saving the report before you leave that Web page, using the instructions at the top of the report. Individual reports are NOT saved by the system, so if you close the report Web page, you will not be able to return to your report.

Purpose and Limitations of the IPIP-NEO On-Line Personality Inventory

Acknowledgment that You Understand the Purpose and Limitations of the Test Results

Before you can access the test, you must endorse the statement below by clicking the checkbox.
I understand that the primary purpose of this site is to educate the public about the five major domains of personality, and only secondarily, to estimate the respondent's standing within the five factor model. I understand that the program that generates the report is designed to produce estimates that are as accurate as possible, but that measurement error or improper responding can produce inaccurate results. If I think I have answered the items honestly and carefully but my results are inaccurate or not as pleasing as I would like them to be, I will have knowledgeable acquaintances evaluate the validity of the report before contacting Dr. Johnson. If I choose to critique the test or narrative report after receiving feedback from knowledgeable acquaintances, I will do so in a courteous and civil manner.
I also understand that responding to all items on this inventory is time consuming and that technical difficulties may prevent the results from being displayed. I am responding to this inventory with the full knowledge of the risk that I might not receive results. I accept full responsibility and risk for the time I invest in responding to this inventory.

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Any individual who uses the items, scripts, and norms for this IPIP inventory is responsible for following ethical practices and legal restrictions for any purpose, including, but not limited to, counseling, advising, education, and personnel selection and development. John A. Johnson and the Pennsylvania State University are not responsible for misuse of this IPIP inventory by other persons.


Dr. Johnson would like to thank Robin Lowenthal for her invaluable debugging assistance and Thore Harald Hoye for his programming advice. Neither of these individuals is responsible for any errors that may remain in the program.

  Clicking this button will take you to the first 60 questions only if you have acknowledged that you have read the above information, understand the purpose and limitations of the inventory, agree to accept any risks involved in responding to this inventory, and agree to communicate courteously with the site author.