Organicism-Mechanism Paradigm Inventory (OMPI)

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Yes, I understand that the primary purpose of this site is to educate the public about the the organismic and mechanistic worldviews described by Stephen Pepper, and only secondarily, to estimate the respondent's inclination toward these worldviews. I understand that the program that generates the report is designed to produce estimates that are as accurate as possible, but that measurement error or improper responding can limit that accuracy of the results. If I think I have answered the items honestly and carefully but my results are inaccurate or not as pleasing as I would like them to be, I will have knowledgeable acquaintances evaluate the validity of the report before contacting Dr. Johnson. If I choose to critique the test or narrative report after receiving feedback from knowledgeable acquaintances, I will do so in a courteous and civil manner.


The OMPI was originally authored by C. K. Germer, J. S. Efran, and W. F. Overton of Temple University and is used by permission.

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