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I was introduced to the Liberal Catholic Church in the mid-1980s. During this time I heard that the LCC and Orthodox Catholic churches were the only churches whose rituals effectively channeled the power of God into energy structures perceptible to clairvoyants. It was said that a properly conducted Eucharist, with the help of angels, created a "thought-form" resembling a great cathedral. (Image below is from the frontispiece of The Science of the Sacraments by C. W. Leadbeater.)

Well, my wife and I attended local LCC masses several times, but never saw any thought forms. We enjoyed the services, though. They were elegant, yet intimate. On one occasion I attended an LCC service in Manhattan, and it had exactly the same feel. I also rather liked the philosophy of the LCC. Although conservative in ritual, the church was liberal in its acceptance of diverse ideas. From "An Introduction to The Liberal Catholic Church," by Parry & Rivett, published by St. Alban's Press, we find the following [I originally posted this to alt.magick in response to an inquiry from Peggy Brown]:

"The Liberal Catholic Church arose from the musty religious atmosphere of the beginning of this century as a reformed part of the Church Catholic, whithin which thinking and seeking men and women could gain new and deeper insight into the nature of things, free from a stretched credulity forn of the unyielding presure of dogma and the restrictive literalism of most churces, and free from the mummification of religious thought and worship which is the product of formalism and habit. In this Church, too, they could worship in joy, unimpeded by the morbid sense of personal guilt and insignificance, and that fear of a wrathful Father, which ahve coloured the Christian ethos for so many centuries."

Other points to be found in this tract:

The LCC endorses scientific psychology and parapsychology, and accepts mysticism and agnosticism as valid states of mind. It also "recognises those common doctrines and the mystical experiences and revel which can be discerned within all the great religions of the world."

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